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Nest Cam Outdoor
« on: July 14, 2016, 08:42 am »
Took them way too long...

Disappointing, actually.  Big old power cord right there - in the front!.  No internal storage.
For a very long time I've been thinking of buying an exterior cam, wishing that Nest would make one.

I'm not looking for high-level security...just something that I can capture images/video of any suspicious activity.  Wired is okay, but it needs to be implemented a helluva lot better than a big cord coming out of the front of the unit! 

The Ring device looks interesting, though I have to wonder how good an image you can get when a doorbell is typically mounted below eye level. 
The Arlo system looks nice and the fact that it is totally wireless is nice.  I'm wondering how dependable it is, though.

A wired unit obviously requires some work to install...drilling holes through my walls and such.  Anyone install something like that themselves that feel like it would be easy to do?

Mobile access to a live feed and recordings is a high priority for anything I get.   

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Re: Nest Cam Outdoor
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2016, 09:46 am »
It's hard to shop, since the big trusted electronics brands aren't in the consumer cctv market.

Buy a 4 channel dvr. ($40 + $60 hard drive, or find one that includes HD)  I bought an analog one 4 years ago which is sufficient, but I imagine HD digital video might be approaching affordability these days.  Cameras and dvr must be compatible. Name brand isn't important. Get one with a decent rating on Amazon.

Buy 1 to 4 cameras ($25-52 ea). I got a couple of surplus ones from a generous Buzzer, which are sufficient for my needs.  I also bought a dome camera with an adjustable zoom lens.  I like that because I have it mounted a few yards from the front door and your basic wide angle wouldn't capture any detail.

Buy some pre-made cables (or make your own, if you're into that), ($10 per camera)

Get a account.  I think they still have a free one, but it's hard to find on their site. Or maybe I paid a minimum for a basic 3 year subscription... I don't remember. 

Running cables isn't too difficult. A long drill bit and a piece of stiff wire is useful. Maybe get the kids to crawl in the hard to reach corners of the attic.

Wrestle with the settings on your router to get the dyndns to work.

Try to avoid high-contrast lighting situations. Shaded areas and full-sun areas in the same view are hard to balance.

Scalable system, starting at $135 for dvr and one camera, expandable to 4 cams of your choice (bullet/dome/hidden, fixed/zoom, indoor/outdoor)
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