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Residential Development / Re: Mortgage Loan Advisor in EAV
« Last post by Lulus mom on Today at 12:59 pm »
We've closed on one refi and four purchases with Rob so far - one complicated by being out of town AND a duplex, and another by being a purchase of 2 homes simultaneously. Every time, Rob and Caliber have been excellent to work with.

We will definitely be back for more  :)% :)% :)%
Critters / update: Found cat, Haas Ave, sent back home
« Last post by Lulus mom on Yesterday at 10:46 am »
Judith the kitty is back home with her people now.  :)%
i like when my neighbors have music.  its better than silence or just the sound of lawn mowers.  its the city and i like when the neighborhood is alive and people are actually outdoors.
Critters / Found cat, Haas Ave
« Last post by Lulus mom on Yesterday at 09:25 am »
or rather, the cat found us. She (I think?) is a small black kitty with a tiny white tip on her tail. Bright green eyes. Super skinny, some patchy hair loss, and very friendly.

Does she look familiar to anyone, or does anyone want a new tiny, purry friend?
I met the buyers of the house that is under contract after the EABF Saturday and they are excited about moving to EAV and are anxious to get involved with the community. We will "take them under our wings" when they move in and make sure they have a smooth transition from Midtown. They don't currently have kids, but they are young and I pushed Burgess-Peterson as the best of the, who knows?
Residential Development / Re: Pink Compound Property Newton and Flat Shoals
« Last post by hfranks on May 21, 2017, 08:13 pm »
Not surprised this happened, first rain after laying the new sod -
OK, well, next time I will walk over there and make a note of the house number.

I was home all day yesterday and I did not hear anything from the beer festival. Noise from public events are different because they are predictable and one can plan around them.
Max, that's not the house I am ready to drill down on. The house I am interested in is in the curve of the culdesac and they only are a problem during the summer and early fall.
The house you are referring to, I believe, was hosting a outside children's birthday party yesterday.
Well, the East Atlanta Craft Beer Fest also had amplified music yesterday from approximately 11:00am until 5:00pm.  I know I could here on Gresham as I walked up to the park.
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