Author Topic: NO COA Yard Waste pickup for 3 weeks now  (Read 2221 times)

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Re: NO COA Yard Waste pickup for 3 weeks now
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The thing that amazed me is that I saw a truck doing missed yard waste pickup Saturday. it was definitely NOT stopping and picking up all yard waste. Seemed very much targeted to the 311 calls.

This happened on Braeburn a couple of months ago with either recycling or trash (can't remember which).  A neighbor called it in, stated the whole street got missed, and when they came the next day they only picked up his herbie curbie.   :([

Last week when I called mine in, I specifically stated not only my address, but also that it appeared the entire neighborhood got missed in some form or fashion and that if they only came for my house it would be ridiculous.  Fortunately, I think enough people called in last week that they actually picked up most of it (or maybe I'm delusional).