Author Topic: New Coan SPLASH! Visual For Your Review & Input  (Read 568 times)

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New Coan SPLASH! Visual For Your Review & Input
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:48 am »
Everyone is invited to look over this newest and much improved conceptual image for the Coan Park SPLASH! Pad effort.

It is based on input and suggestions from the Coan SPLASH! Steering Committee, park design and landscape professionals, tree preservation specialists, civil engineers, and above all YOU, the neighbors and members of the communities this will serve.

Answers to some frequent questions:
- No hardwood trees would be lost. Initial consultations with Arborguard have indicated that the pod design is very well suited to preserving and protecting the hardwoods from impacts.
- Primary entry point would be from rec center side and level, re-built to improve ADA accessibility.
- Basketball courts are retained in Coan Park, relocated to other side of Coan Rec Center, new build. This would actually be be a Phase I before any other implementation.
- Restroom/pump house would not be as large as shown; the great majority of pump/filtration/utility connections are anticipated to be sub surface and integrated with the restroom.

We still need your thoughts and support. Plese feel welcome to add your thoughts here or by email to
Many Thanks!