Author Topic: Sound Meditations with Becky at Balanced Fit Life Training Studio  (Read 353 times)

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A new year, a new YOU!

Becky Shanks (multiple award winning hypnotherapist) will be playing her healing grade, hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls Balanced Fit Life Training Studio in Grant Park this Monday evening.

Enjoy Pialtes from 6-7pm, then stay or stop by to release the stress and worries of the day, and get a sense of what a sound bath is all about!

Sound heals. These bowls promote balance, relaxation, and overall harmony within the body. Their vibrations are capable of shifting energetic and emotional blockages; quieting the mind; inducing a deep state of relaxation and expanded awareness; and so much more!

$10 suggested donation. The intention is practice, enjoy community, answer questions, and fill the studio with sacred sounds.

The Pilates drop in rate is 5$ if you stay for the sound bath.

Kurt Gillon
Balanced Fit Life Training Studio
760 Confederate Avenue SE #2
Atlanta, GA 30312
Office - 404.551.4740