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Just wanted to know if a grant was given to someone is there away to look up the paper work?
Like a neighborhood association who gave a person a grant to do a job.

I would like to know by the 11th of this month before I go to this meeting I will have this on film just incase I catch them in a lie.
When people tell you that you are not good enough to be a part of a group what would you do?  In my case people said I was not an artist and I could never be as good as them. Who cares about being as good as them when you know in the back of your mind you are better then them. Look at my avatar.....

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Re: Grants
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You need to know where the grant money came from and what the grant was to be used for. Once you have the name of the grantor, it is a clear paper trail and will lead to the original grant request which will give you the specifics and the perameters of what the money can be used for.

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Re: Grants
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